The Followers of Ø


The Demons

“The Followers of Ø” have (as you all of course already know) formed an apocalyptic-bunker-Operndorf-Secret Society on a meadow deep into the forests of Sweden: They have seen all episodes of the opra-series “Ø” on the internet: And they aim to put the theory of Ø (as they interpret it) and the vision of a so-called “absolute world-changing Event” into concrete praxis in the world. This is going well. Very well.


Yes sure, no problem. It’s going fine.

Their affirmative world tour is now coming to the Rhein. In an hommage to the big hero of Köln, Bernd Alois Zimmermann, and his idea of a polyphonic theater (like in “Die Soldaten” where at one point three scenes are performed simultaneously), the Followers of Ø will perform on four separate but interconnected stages in the Ebertplatz Passage. The Followers of Ø will stage a didactic version of Dostoevskys novel “Dämonen” as a warning, mostly to themselves, against nihilism, fanaticism, occultism and secterianism, with scenes taking place in the literary clubs of St. Petersburg, in the rainforest, inside the Paris Commune, in the middle of a snow storm in the forests of Sweden, in avantgarde music Hauptstadt Oslo, auf dem Grunde des Rheines and in Kiew.


Duration: approx. 60 minutes

Please find here the programme for both evenings.


“The Followers of Ø” is supported by the Art Council Norway.


  • Trond Reinholdtsen