The Norwegian Opra-Superstars

In 2009 Trond Reinholdtsen established his own opera house called «The Norwegian Opra» in his own living-room in the slums of Oslo. As the project was an attempt at a radical withdrawal from the standard production modes and working processes of traditional opera and contemporary music (and maybe also because he suffers from mild social anxiety and steadily increasing doomsday paranoia) he decided to not have any audience at his performances except for a few well-meaning insider friends.

As a further radicalization of the project, the institution was in 2015 relocated far into the Swedish forests. In this milieu of isolation and concentration the famous operafilm series «Ø» was begun. And now without ANY audience. «Ø» signifies the empty set, the void, and therefore also the foundation of infinite possibilities. As of today, the series consists of 17 episodes, plus the newly begun spin-off: “The Followers of Ø”. The narrative is focused around three (or is it four?) protagonists that have barricaded themselves in a cellar in total negation of The Outside and of The System, performing experiments in art, political theory and alchemy in preparation for the so-called «Event» of absolutely world changing proportions.


  • Snorre Hvamen

  • Kai Johnsen

  • Harald Kolaas

  • Duoni Liu

  • Øystein Hvamen Rasmussen

  • Trond Reinholdtsen

  • Tobias Schülke