Vorglühen #2

interdisciplinary think tank


Großes Forum, Alte Feuerwache



Under the associative spectrum of SPARK, the first harbingers of the festival for contemporary music theatre could shine in the autumn with VORGLÜHEN #1 and #2 at the Alte Feuerwache. The festival directors Christina C. Messner and Sandra Reitmayer, in cooperation with ON – Neue Musik Köln, invited to music theatre miniatures (Vorglühen #1, 7.10.2021) and a forum for discourse (Vorglühen #2, 21.11.2021).

15 Uhr | Cross-genre art-making – art, society, mix or muck?

Christina C. Messner (composer, violinist, performer, initiator and artistic director of SPARK – Köln)
Margo Zālīte (director, curator – Dortmund/Riga)
Kobie van Rensburg (tenor, performer of baroque operas, opera director, founder of the Early Music Forum Africa and director of UMCULO Opera Incubator – Johannesburg/Krefeld)

16 Uhr | Vorglühen

Jennifer Hoernemann (dancer)

17 Uhr | Multi-, Inter- and Transmediality – Old Conflicts, New Symbioses?

Britta Lieberknecht (dancer, choreographer, illustrator – Köln)
Barbara Streil (violinist, director, developer of the PERFOR Music concept – Basel/Köln)
Annesley Black (composer, electronic and intermedial works, Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt – Ottawa/Frankfurt)


Rainer Nonnenmann, host and moderator of the interdisciplinary think tank of Vorglühen #2, together with Christina C. Messner, Margo Zālīte and Kobie van Rensburg, explored cross-genre art-making in a first round of discussion – and whether or how it plays a role in social life.

The surprise dance intervention by Jennifer Hoernemann formed a successful transition to the second part, which was about the interplay of the arts. Britta Lieberknecht, Barbara Streil and Annesley Black reported on their (transdisciplinary) work, the training of past and present generations of artists and what form of access can be derived from this.

  • Prof. Dr. Rainer Nonnenmann

    moderator, musicologist

  • Christina C. Messner

    composer, violinist, performer, artistic director of SPARK

  • Margo Zālīte

    director, curator

  • Kobie van Rensburg

    tenor, opera director

  • Jennifer Hoernemann


  • Britta Lieberknecht

    dancer, choreographer, illustrator

  • Barbara Streil

    violinist, director

  • Annesley Black