Akiko Ahrendt

violin and musical realisation

Akiko Ahrendt studied violin, new music and philosophy in Berlin, Frankfurt and Budapest as well as media arts at the KHM Cologne. As a soloist and in ensembles, she plays the violin in a traditional way but also experimentally, spatially or freely improvised. She also uses her voice and electrically powered extensions for this purpose.

Ahrendt was a scholarship holder of the IEMA, Pact Zollverein and received the one-year scholarship “Presence on site” of the Women’s Cultural Office NRW in 2018. She is a member of “Contrechamps”, “Ensemble Garage” and the “Rundfunktanzorchester Ehrenfeld”. With Lea Letzel and Florian Zwißler, she has been working together in various constellations for several years. She is also a lecturer in social work and an author for radio nordpol.